We are a training provider based in the heart of Birmingham, West Midlands offering a range of training programmes that aim to start or enhance people's careers. Our programmes are especially designed to develop the key skills needed to gain employment. Over the last 30 years we have built a strong reputation for identifying and maximising people's potential with emphasis on helping our learners establish a positive attitude towards themselves, others and their work.

“Going Forward Together”

Our teaching methods, training programmes and apprenticeships are underpinned
with the following goals in mind:

Broadening The Mind

Building confidence

Exploring potential

Character Building

Exceeding potential

Encouraging creativity

Our Mission

“Developing people and changing lives for a better future”

Our Values




Future Focus

Sub-contracting Fee Policy

The Vision.

“When I started Gordon Franks Training some 30 years ago, I wanted to build an organisation that was creative, innovative and professional, something that everyone involved in would enjoy and be proud to be associated with.
I find it extremely rewarding that, together with a fantastic team of professionals, some amazing partnerships with local companies and schools, and the hard work of the learners that have come through our door, I have achieved just that.

A great analogy for Gordon Franks Training is that we are like an orchestra, with individual talents coming together to form a harmony. Our foundations are built on the idea of ‘making music, moving forward and changing lives’. This remains a central core of our work.
Our success, and the success young people have achieved from their time with us, is a testament to this vision and our continuing attempts to improve what we do and how we do it.”


In 2017, we worked closely with the Risk Takers Club to launch a new campaign called Success In Mind. The campaign aimed to motivate young people to start their journey towards success. We wanted to show them that the constant knockbacks they have had in the past can be embraced and used to their advantage, making them stronger people ready to face the world of work.
In light of the campaign launch, we  released a short video to highlight the messages we are promoting. The video shows what life is like to be surrounded by negative environments and what effect this can have on progression into further study or employment. With support from Risk Takers Club, we were able to produce a video that represented all of these issues using powerful spoken word and visuals. Helping young people to believe in their potential is the key to them succeeding, and we believe this video does exactly that. During this campaign we also reached out to previous students who have continued their journey to a successful career. The first student we spoke to was Jake Carney-Baker. Jake joined us 6 years ago at a local YMCA where he started his journey on our Employability Programme. Follow his journey to success by clicking the link below.