We currently run two Face Fit Testing courses:

Part 1 - Qualitative (QLFT) Face Fit Awareness

This half day Face Fit awareness course will provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence to fit their own respiratory equipment. By gaining understanding of Face Fit Testing, your organisation is fulfilling the requirements laid out in the Health& Safety Executive’s (HSE) guidance note INDG 479 and the statutory duties placed upon you under regulations such as the COSHH Regulations 2002. This covers the legal side, the process and guidance on how to fit a mask. 

Please note: This course doesn’t certify you to perform your own Face Fit Testing.

Part 2 - Qualitative (QLFT) Face Fit Testing Service

This is a service where the delegate brings their own mask (They must be clean shaven) we fit it for them and give guidance on how to do it in future. (max 30 mins per delegate)

QLFT uses an aerosol of either a bitter tasting substance (Bitrex) or a sweet substance (Saccharine) to challenge the face seal whilst the wearer undertakes 7 exercises (in a hood to contain the test substance). If after the 7 exercises  the candidate has not detected (tasted) the test substance, then that is regarded as a pass and a fit factor of 100 is assigned.

We can offer these two services together in a 4 hour session (max 5 in a group)

All members of our team have taken and passed the industry recognised exam and practical assessment for Face Fit Testing, and are Fit2Fit Trainer Accredited.

Upon successful completion of the course the delegate will be issued a certificate of attendance. 

Smart Awards – QLFT Face Fit Awareness and QLFT Face Fit Testing Service

QLFT Face Fit Awareness – 4 Hours, 9am – 1pm.

QLFT Face Fit Testing Service – 30 Mins per delegate or 4 hours in a maximum group of 5

We are currently offering a package of both courses for £65.00 +VAT per delegate.

If you wish to have the individual Face Fit Testing Service – £25.00 +VAT per delegate.


Course Outline

The course includes Practical activities and assessment, supported by a theory based presentation, involving: 

  • Understanding the importance of fit testing
  • Principles of fit testing methods 
  • Essential pre-use checking and correct donning of face masks
  • Responsibilities of employers and fit testers

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