Are Snapchat filters ruining your job prospects?!

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RIGA LATVIA - SEPTEMBER 8 2016: Snapchat app on App Store.

They’re cute aren’t they? The little bunny faces and doe-eyed deer on Snapchat.  Who wouldn’t love to see you as a patch-eyed puppy with your tongue lolling out?

Well, employers… that’s who!

We were recently sent this video as part of an internet safety campaign – and it does strike a chord.


Take a look now at your facebook news feed, or your Snapchat story.  What do you think people would say about you?

Your online reputation is so important, but we don’t always think about the negative implications of sharing photographs that might portray the wrong image.

Our message is – be mindful, especially if you’re currently applying for work. Employers these days are very savvy when it comes to checking out potential employees.  They may search your social media – so don’t give them any reason to doubt that you could do the job!

Managing your online reputation and internet safety are areas we cover as part of our pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training.

We are also supporting the Safer Internet Day campaign on 7th February.  In the UK, the Safer Internet Centre is focusing on the power of image in digital youth culture.

To find out more about how we can help you portray the right image and find work, call 0121 333 3001.

Video courtesy of Safeguarding in Schools Ltd.

Find out more about the #SaferInternetDay campaign here.

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