Learner Welfare

The welfare of our learners is of the utmost importance to us.
Here at Gordon Franks Training we are dedicated to providing:

A safe and caring

Tailored support for each one of our learners

Relationships based on mutual respect and understanding

Open and honest


Gordon Franks Training operates a recognised Safeguarding Policy which relates to all young people up until the age of 18. This means that should your Welfare and Guidance Officer / Tutor have reason to believe that you or someone connected to you are being harmed in any way, they have a duty to refer the matter to Gordon Franks Training designated senior person – Sue Fielding. Only the designated senior person will discuss matters with investigating agencies according to procedures established by the local child protection committee and the Local Education Authority.

Student Support

Each of our learners will be assigned to a Student Support Officer for the duration of their programme. They will give 1 to 1 Information, Advice and Guidance and offer impartial support as and when it is needed. They become a point of contact for learners, parents, employers and schools to discuss progress or address any issues that may arise during their Employability, Traineeship or Apprenticeship Programme.

Equality and Diversity

We all have the right to expect respect and consideration at work, and to be in an environment where the dignity of individuals is valued and maintained. Gordon Franks Training is committed to creating inclusive environments, promoting good relations between people from different backgrounds and equality of opportunity. We strive to be representative of, and responsive to, different cultures and groups, offering everyone an equal chance to succeed. If you would like to view our full equality and diversity policy, please contact Sue Fielding on 0121 333 3001.

Health and Safety

We make sure all the work experience placements/apprenticeship vacancies we offer are suitable and safe. Employers’ premises are subjected to a rigorous health and safety inspection by a qualified representative from Gordon Franks Training, and employers are interviewed about the work environment, what will be required of the learner and how the work experience they can provide will benefit the young person we introduce.

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