Apprentice Feedback Regarding Remote Visits

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With the current pandemic reshaping how we all work, our apprentices have been continuing with their qualifications from home. This has also had an impact on how our Assessors carry out their regular reviews with their learners.

Below we have shared responses from our Apprentices regarding their experience on remote visits with their Development Tutor and whether they have faced any barriers during this time.

We really value feedback from all of our apprenticeship learners and response to our questionnaires often shape how we develop our apprenticeship programme.

“There is constant communication and I don’t feel there is a delay in completing my qualification”Maha
“Remote visits are going well, I can ask my assessor any questions and I feel there are no barriers.”Noorkhima
“I have enjoyed my remote visits and feel they have been very useful”Amber
“Fine. I’ve been given support and have had all of the resources required to complete my work. I email my development tutor between remote visits if I needed to ask any questions.”Lydia
“I have found the remote visits really good, I still get to spend time discussing things and get the support required.”Kirsty
“It’s been really good as she has phoned or emailed me every week to see how I am doing.”Philip

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