My Apprenticeship Experience: Mirren

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This week we asked our Childcare Apprentices to give an insight into their apprenticeship experience. Below our Level 2 Apprentice, Mirren, describes how she has received support throughout her apprenticeship.

"Hi, I’m Mirren Mcnaught and I’m 18 years of age. I am a level two trainee at Seesaws Day Nursery and started my apprenticeship here in October 2019.

I feel Seesaws are really helping me fulfil my full potential of becoming a qualified nursery nurse after I have completed my apprenticeship. If I need any help with anything (whether it’s work related or needing help with work I’ve been set), there’s always people I can go and talk to at any point.

My assessor, Jen, gives me work every three weeks to help me with my apprenticeship. I’m really satisfied with the work load I get given in my tutorial with Jen as I feel this work helps me to do my job within the nursery.

Jen gives me all sorts of activities in which I can use in the room with my children. For example, she took me and another trainee to Bantock park and told us to find nature recourses that we can use in a tuff tray as an activity. We then created a farm out of these resources in the tuff tray and this then gave me a variety of different ideas to use which are similar.

Jen also watches me do direct observations in different rooms and gives me an activity and objectives to do which helps me build my confidence, and know what to do to improve on in future observations.

As well as Jen being a big part of developing in my apprenticeship - so is all the friendly staff who correct me if I’m doing something wrong, and praise me when I’m doing something right. Every single staff member is there when I need help as I’m still learning. My mentor Robyn is super helpful and always points me in the right direction. She goes through every bit of paper work with me and shows me how to fill it out e.g. planning, EYFS, capturing the journey etc. Everyone here at Seesaws are so friendly and super helpful."