My Apprenticeship Experience: Sophie

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This week we asked our Childcare Apprentices to give an insight into their apprenticeship experience.

Since being in lockdown, Sophie has achieved her Intermediate Children and Young people Apprenticeship despite us being closed due to Government guidance. Sophie had to do her ICT exam whilst her Manager invigilated her in placement. Below she describes how she has received support throughout her apprenticeship. 

"I Sophie have felt that I have been very supported throughout my qualification from start to finish even through these difficult times we are facing.  I completed all work set before closure set in, but still had my ICT exam to complete before I could qualify. With the help and support from Gordon Franks Training and my manager from my setting I was able to achieve this with no problems. Gordon Franks Training staff guided and supported my manager who had to be my invigilator in my exam on how to download and use the software I needed to complete my ICT with. I thank all involved that was able to make this happen for me to be able to complete my NVQ Level 2."