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With the majority of Apprentices in the UK being aged 16 to 24, it is no surprise that most people perceive Apprenticeships as a solution just for young people. However, with Apprenticeships becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are using Apprenticeships as a way to begin their career in a different sector or industry.

The main reason for people disregarding a career change is due to their lack of relevant experience, skills or qualifications. People often think that they are going to need to invest in paying for additional training alongside their current role to ensure they can secure a new job opportunity. However, Apprenticeships are now tackling this problem.

Below we have listed 3 reasons why an Apprenticeship may be the best route to take when considering a career change:


With an Apprenticeship, all training is funded - meaning you don't have to pay a penny. You will also be completing this training alongside your new job role meaning you get to earn whilst you learn. In the majority of lower level Apprenticeships, employers don't expect candidates to have prior training and prefer to hire based on individual potential.


An apprenticeship is a great way to gain on the job experience. Whilst completing the Apprenticeship, you will be given a real job role with responsibilities and targets. This ensures that you are fully capable of completing the role to a high standard. Gaining experience in the role also gives you the opportunity to adjust to new working environments and develop upon further skills and personal attributes.

Your Future

Unlike other training courses, an Apprenticeship doesn't end when the training finishes. With your experience and full-training, you will be ready to progress onto a permanent role or the next level of training straight after you finish your Apprenticeship. Depending on performance, there is also a possibility that employers will keep their apprentice on to complete the next level of their training or for permanent employment.

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