Continue to Learn Whilst at Home

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Whilst we are living through the Coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that we continue to stay at home, stay safe and save lives.

Those who are not key workers are having to adapt to the new lifestyle at home, and although this is a great opportunity to sit back, spend valuable time with family and take a breather from life's pressures; it is also vital that we continue to be active and mentally stimulated.

With this in mind, a great way to remain stimulated whilst indoors is to learn something new. Learning is an essential element of our existence and whilst living through this uncertain time, keeping your brain active will keep you productive and give purpose to your days.

Have you ever wanted to learn a new hobby, skill or activity but not had the spare time? Now may be the perfect opportunity to invest time into a new venture.

Now more more than ever we have a variety of resources available to us online. Education providers like Harvard University and the Open University, have also kindly offered a series of their online courses available to the public, free of charge. Platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn are also a great place to learn new skills. Not forgetting, the fantastic educational Apps that can assist with digital learning.

If you're struggling to think of a new skill, hobby or activity to learn - we have listed a few ideas below, along with some links to resources:

If you're still unsure, use the links to the Education Providers below and have a search through their catalog of free courses:

Looking to learn more advanced skills and qualifications? Here at GFT we host a platform for online courses in: