Continuing Your Apprenticeship During The Current Climate

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It is understandable that recent unprecedented times can be stressful for some apprenticeship learners, especially during lockdown, when there is not much to go out for. However, either being on furlough or working from home does not mean that you need to stop learning.

If you are an apprentice who is currently on furlough, you may have seen that Government guidelines say you are still allowed to participate in training. That is why we are encouraging all of our apprentices to continue to work towards their off the job training.

Our Development Tutors are keen to keep all of our apprentices motivated by supporting them through our online courses and remote training sessions. Not only will this be good for your mental health and wellbeing, but it will also mean that you will have less off the job training to complete when you get back into your usual working routine.

Below we have highlighted some of our apprentices who have expressed their thoughts on why continuing to complete their off the job training during the current climate has been important.

For more information on how to continue your learning, please contact your Development Tutor direct or email our Apprenticeship Manager

It has helped me focus and complete my Apprenticeship units. I’m learning new ways to complete tasks and work with colleagues. I have more time to complete my Apprenticeship tasks.Rachel
It has been really important as we don’t want to be left behind with all the units and work, as we want to make sure all work gets done before end date.Ravandeep
This is my last month of Apprenticeship to be fully qualified, so it is very important to me to finish it even during this time.Natalia
It has been very important as it has assured me that I can still complete my work, work towards my 20% and complete my course.Mya
It’s been important for me to keep going with my work to make sure I’m up to date, as I would have got really behind if not.Lucy
Really important as I want to get qualified and be employed full time by the Nursery and work my way up even further and don’t want to get behind being off.Cloe-Ann
It’s been quite helpful as I’m being given work still do at home, so I’m occupied, also the Avail courses I am finding really useful as it gives me something to doMirren
It’s been very important to carry on, so I won’t be set back when things go back to normal.Eboney
It’s given me a chance to get on top of my work and I’m closer to qualifying. It’s enabled me to not to get behind or distracted as I’m at home and not at work.Hannah
It has been important as I like to get course work done during my days off work so when we get back to normal, I can focus on practical work and observations.Jade
It has been important and I’m glad I’ve had the support of my Tutor to carry on working towards my qualification.Raffina
It has been important as I don’t want to fall behind. It will help me keep on top of and on track so I can do the work when I have time.Jack
It has been important for me to continue with my Apprenticeship during this time because I have not long started my course and I have gained lots of knowledge that I am already putting into my workplace.Joseph
It’s been important because if I didn’t carry on with my apprenticeship it would have been postponed and gone on longer.Janna
It is important that I have been able to continue so that I can finish on time and then go on to next levelCourtney
With working 2.5 hours a week has given me time to do courses and gain new skills and knowledge.Katie
To allow myself to be closer to qualified when I return to work and to allow me to have more free time when I am able to see family and friends.Chloe
Very important as I can’t work in my Nursery so it’s important, I complete all tasks set for me.Chloe