My Emergency First Aid Training Experience

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In 2018, several members of the GFT Team volunteered to complete our Emergency First Aid at Work training course. This course aimed to provide staff with the knowledge, skills and best practice of first aid, to prepare them if an emergency occurred in or out of the workplace. Upon successful completion of the training course, all volunteers are now fully competent to deliver Emergency First Aid if needed.

We caught up with our Health and Safety Officer, Nadine Hollings, to get a deeper understanding of why she decided to undergo the First Aid training and how it has benefitted her both in and out of work.

“I completed my Emergency First Aid at Work qualification in December 2018. I had a full days training with a group of other prospective First Aiders, which was challenging but very practical and fun!

The reasons that I decided to do the course were varied. I work in a busy environment and my employer needed to have more people qualified to be within legal tolerances. The majority of our clients are young people who, it could be argued, have a high likelihood of being injured and poorer access to healthcare advice so I knew it could support them too. I also felt it would be good to understand more about the First Aider role as I was already a Health and Safety Officer and there seemed to be some common ground there as well.

By becoming a First Aider, I have met and helped far more people than I have ever had opportunity to before – this means I know and understand our clients better. It has helped me to train others better and create detailed plans for any potential emergencies and ultimately, it keeps the company training and development levels high, which benefits our clients, my colleagues and me.”Nadine Hollings, GFT Health and Safety Officer

If you would like further information on our Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, please click here.

If you wish to book the Emergency First Aid at Work training course for you or your team, please call 0121 333 3001 or alternatively, you can reserve your space by clicking here.

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