Fill Your Social Media with Positivity

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This month we have been participating in #JoyfulJune - as part of this campaign we have been encouraging people to fill their social media with positivity. With recent statistics showing that social media has a direct impact on our mental health, it is vital that you are consuming content online that sets you in a positive mindset. 

Below we have shared our favourite positive accounts to follow on Instagram...

  1. The Happy Newspaper

Delivering a fantastic new concept where all the stories they share are positive and full wonderful people. You can also purchase a physical copy of the paper!


2. Happy Place Podcast

Founded by Fearne Cotton, the Happy Place Podcast offers an Instagram page full of positivity and inspiring stories from others. You can also listen to their podcast episodes!


3. Upworthy

Another fantastic account that shares positive news stories from around the world.


4. Quotes By Christie

Quotes can easily inspire you, especially when they're full of colour! Follow '@QuotesByChristie' to fill your feed with positive thoughts.


5. The Happy Broadcast

Another fantastic account that shares 'Anxiety-Free News'.