Fire Safety in the Workplace

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A Fire Safety procedure is essential in any working environment. No matter how big or small the business, if a fire starts it could be catastrophic for business operations. With approximately twenty thousand commercial fires in the UK each yearit is vital that you understand the precautions needed to reduce the risk of a fire and how to act if an emergency does occur. We have suggested 3 key considerations for fire safety in the workplace below:

1. Designate a ‘Responsible Person’ – this role would require an employee to carry out fire risk assessments, inform other employees as well as visitors of relevant information regarding risks and hazards while on site, providing assistance in regards to evacuation procedures including contacting emergency services.

2. Firefighting equipment and training - Ensure the workplace is equipped with up-to-date firefighting equipment that has been serviced and is maintained in good working condition. Secondly, providing access to fire safety training for all employees involved in fire safety (including fire drills)

3. Fixed Firefighting systems – Ensure your company has fixed firefighting systems such as smoke detectors (Ionisation/Optical) and heat detectors (Fixed Temperature/Rate of rise). To accompany these, fire doors and evacuation route lighting also aid in the event of a fire.

Remember, safety of all people who are in the workplace should be of paramount importance. If you are unsure on any aspect of Fire Safety please send your questions to our Fire Safety Trainer, Jakob, by clicking here.

Looking to expand your knowledge in Fire Safety? We currently run both Level 1 and Level 2 Fire Safety courses at our Birmingham Training Centre. To find out more, click here.