How to make your CV stand out

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Your CV will be your first opportunity to show the employer that you are capable of completing the job being advertised. With recent reports showing that on average employers only take 7 seconds to look at each candidates CV, it is vital that you make a great first impression.

This blog post will help you to make your CV stand out amongst the other applicants and highlight all of your great qualities on one piece of paper.

Tip #1 - Layout is key.

The layout of your CV is vital to making a great first impression. With employers looking at your CV for an average of only 7 seconds, they will need to see the key highlights of your CV with ease. The first thing you may be thinking is 'How do I fit all of this information onto one page?' - our answer is make it super simple and get creative. Examples of how you can add some creativity to your CV layout can be shown here. Remember that the best way to display information on a CV is to bullet point or make a list. The only place that you should be writing in full sentences is in your personal profile/summary.

TIP #2 - Show your Personality

At the top of your CV, you should have a short personal profile. This is your chance to summarise your personality and show the recruiter your personal values, key strengths and aspirations. Ensure that you talk about your professional and personal strengths as well as your career objectives whilst relating these points back to the job description. This paragraph should be unique and about what makes you different. A key factor in the recruitment process for the employer is to make sure they find a candidate that not only fits the role professionally, but personally too.

Tip #3 - Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for

You should be editing your CV so that it is relevant to each role you are applying for. Showing the recruiter that you understand the role will highlight to them that you have done your research and considered all responsibilities for the job. A great way to show that you have tailored your CV to the role is by identifying your personal strengths and matching them to the candidate requirements stated on the job description.

Tip #4 - Use power words

Power words can be the key to making your CV stand out. The way you describe yourself and your accomplishments will help the employer to determine what type of person you are. Think about using words that are positive and pro-active. Examples of words that we recommend using are: Adaptable, Innovative, Responsible and Reliable.

Tip #5 - Include Recommendations

If possible, a great feature to include on your CV is a recommendation. This can prove to the recruiter that you are a trusted individual and what you are showcasing on your CV can be backed up by others experiences with you. You can easily get a recommendation from a colleague or previous employer or if you are still in education, why not ask your teacher or tutor to write a brief summary of your skills and personal values.

If you need any further support with writing a CV, please visit our Careers Hub