Preparing For Changes With Your Job Due To The Pandemic

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The coronavirus outbreak is putting huge financial pressures on many organisations, and they are facing very difficult decisions related to staffing. In order for some businesses to survive, they may need to reduce costs and restructure their workforce. This could have an impact on you as an apprentice and it is important to prepare for changes in your work life, so that nothing comes unexpected.

In some cases, companies will need to make Redundancies to ensure they can continue to operate as a business. Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job and happens when employers need to reduce their workforce. If you are an apprentice, we advise contacting your training provider if you’ve been made redundant or if you're worried about redundancy because of the coronavirus outbreak. It is important to remember that Apprentices have the same employment rights as all other employees. Your employer should use a fair and objective way of selecting you for redundancy, for more information visit Another key thing to remember is that if you're an apprentice who has less than 6 months left on your apprenticeship when you get made redundant, your training provider can still work with you to continue your apprenticeship whilst you are looking for a new job.

Whether expected or sudden, changes to working patterns or redundancy can cause huge stress and anxiety, and can make existing mental health problems worse. If you’re struggling with feelings of uncertainty, try to focus on the things you can control such as, spending some time preparing and polishing your CV and reaching out to your old contacts. Also, although it may be hard, try to stay positive and remember that this is not a representation of how valuable you are or that you have done something wrong. See this as an opportunity to discover a new career path, and to develop yourself after facing a hard situation.

If you are in the situation where you need to secure a new job, we advise staying calm and planning ahead. Of course, searching for a new job can be daunting and it is normal for people to go into panic mode. Remember to take the time to consider all of the skills, tasks and achievements from your last role, and how you can take these forward into any new position.

Regardless of whether you know your job is safe at this time, it is a good idea to revisit your CV and make sure it is up to date. Your CV will be your first opportunity to promote yourself to an employer and it will help you to feel more prepared if you have already taken the time to work on your CV. If you haven’t created a CV before or if you're thinking about updating an existing one, use our 'How to make your CV stand out' blog here.

Depending on your trade, now might not be the ideal time to find a new job, and it’s likely you’ll be spending more time at home and searching for appropriate jobs. You could use the time to consider volunteering or learning a new skill. Research free or low cost online courses that might interest you, they are great additions to your CV.

With the right support and planning, you can start preparing for the changes that may take place due to the current pandemic. If you wish to speak to our Career Team, visit our Career Hub and access our 1 to 1 support.

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