Self Isolation Mental Health Tips

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During this tough state of emergency we have had to adapt to a new way of living. Often with a change of routine, we lose track of our healthy habits and can fall into a cycle of feeling down, uninspired and less motivated. This can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Follow the tips below to help you get back on track and feeling positive.

1. Focus on your diet – your normal routine will change during this period of uncertainty regarding Covid-19, and you might be less physically active than usual. As a result, it is important that you boost your immune system, regularly eating the right foods in correct proportion to the amount of time spent physically active.

2. Cleanliness is next to godliness – ensure your immediate environment is clean and tidy to avoid germs spreading and also to allow for a clear mind. Remember, cleaning can also be a great activity to do when you are feeling down or uninspired. 

3. Plan a routine – Focus on how you will spend your time and maximise this opportunity to explore new activities such as reading, cooking or exercising. It is important that you establish a positive routine in order to not just pass the time, but progress day by day.

4. Spend time in nature – Spend time with the windows open to let fresh air flow, arrange a comfortable area to rest (for example in a garden or by a window), let natural light into your working space and decorate your working space with plants.

5. Working from home – Find a work life balance that suits you best, often working in short bursts with frequent screen breaks. Create a list of objectives that you would like to meet during your working periods in order to be productive, set up a workstation in a place with no or few distractions.

6. Keep your brain occupied with challenges/new topics to learn – listen to podcasts, read books and find ways to be creative; this can be through music, drawing/art and design etc. 

7. Stay connected and up to date with current events - however be careful where you get your information from as false news may make you feel anxious. Only use trusted sources for information and stay away from social media.

It is understandable to feel scared or overwhelmed about what is currently happening in the world. If you feel like you need support, reach out to the various charities that are here to help. This includes: Mind, Young Minds, Time To Change, Samaritans, NHS, Rethink and many more.

You can also contact us via our website or call line to speak with our Student Wellbeing First Aider.