Staying Motivated Whilst Self Isolating

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If you are not used to being at home all day or working from home on a regular basis, you may find it difficult to stay motivated during isolation. Below are some simple measures that you can take to remain positive and motivated during this time.

1. Ensure you maintain social contact.

Stay connected. It may feel lonely social distancing from family and friends, but technology has enabled people to stay connected 24/7. Whether it's text, video chat, social media or phone call, just staying connected keeps us centred. Even if you live with family, it is important to stay connected to those at work as they are also managing this unique circumstance. In particular, it is good to share what you feel during a difficult situation. 

2. Set yourself a challenge for each day.

Try something easy like ‘Bake a cake’’ or ‘Organise the wardrobe’. These challenges will keep you active and stimulated whilst trying something new. The worst thing to do is lounge around and waste the day. 

3. Create a daily timetable.

Self isolation may have a negative impact on our mental health. It is important to maintain structure for your day and plan ahead. By writing tasks that include working, leisure, exercise, learning etc, you will increase your probability of being productive.

4. Focus on your health.

If you are not used to being at home, it’s easy to forget about self-care. Often with a change of routine, we lose track of our healthy habits and can fall into a cycle of feeling down, uninspired and less motivated. Please read our Self Isolation Mental Health Tips blog, to help you feel positive.