Top Tips For Staying Organised

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There can be many benefits to being organised, these include having less stress or anxiety, improving your sleep and being more productive. Our guide below will highlight a few healthy habits that you can begin to implement in your daily routine.

1. Prioritise

Our first recommendation would be to review your priorities. Have a think about the most important things that are currently happening in your life. You may have several things that you believe are important, but you need to start thinking about which elements are more important than others. Having priorities will keep your mind active on what to focus on, and may impact decisions you make in the future.

2. Set Yourself Goals

Once you have reviewed your priorities, we recommend setting yourself some targets and goals. Setting goals around your priorities will help you to create a long-term vision whilst keeping yourself motivated in the short-term. Your set goals and targets will also help you to focus on what needs to be achieved, giving you less distraction.

3. Be Minimal

Whether you are currently revising for your exams, completing coursework or in a working role - the environment that you work in could have the potential to impact your level of success.

An organised working environment has been proven to encourage productivity, reduce stress and save time. It's true, "A clear work space is a clear mind". We recommend following the rule of minimalism by decluttering your desk and giving everything a home. A good way to start is by purchasing some office stationary!

4.Keep It Super Simple

Alongside an organised working environment, you also need an organised mind. It is often the case that people who are stressed or frustrated don't use tools or resources to help them. It may sound silly but writing everything down onto a piece of paper or a computer document can really clear your mind and help you to focus. A great way to do this is by writing a simple to-do list, this can help you to monitor your progression and begin to prioritise any tasks that you have been building up in your mind.

Keeping it simple can be made really easy by using free tools and resources. We personally recommend using a weekly planner - you can download the GFT free tool here.

5. Preparation

Our final recommendation is to always be prepared. Having a consistent routine of preparing a week in advance can have a huge positive impact on your productivity. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed or frustrated due to lack of preparation and the last minute rush. If you finish your week with a review of what is to come next week, we can guarantee that the week ahead will be more relaxed and you will feel more focused.

That's it! You are all ready to begin your new and more organised life. Start implementing these tips into your daily working routine and start to track your productivity progress.

A great place to start is by downloading our FREE Weekly Planner.