Sub-contracting Fee Policy 2017/2018

This policy applies to all Subcontractors receiving funds from the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)

This policy is a mandatory requirement as stipulated in the ESFA funding rules.

• Gordon Franks Training Ltd operates as the Lead Provider and will use Sub-contracted provision to optimise the impact and effectiveness of service delivery to our employers.

• Our sub-contracted activities are guided by the OFSTED “Common Inspection Framework” and ESFA Apprenticeship funding and performance – Management Rules for Training Providers.

• Sub-contractors must meet the requirements of ROATP. (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) or a due diligence check if delivering provision under £100,000
• The Sub contractor will be subject to GFT Quality Assurance Process including staff CPD and mandatory training.
• The funding that is retained by GFT will be related to the cost of the support and services provided. Services together with costs will be clearly documented and agreed by all parties in a sub-contracting agreement.

Rationale for Sub-contractors
GFT will engage with sub-contractors to meet specific employer/learner needs.
• To Temporary expand provision to meet a short term need
• To provide immediate provision whilst expanding current capacity
• To buy an experienced provision
• To support a new provider to develop capacity and quality
• To support employers with a wide geographical request

Quality Assurance

• QIP meeting’s will be held with the subcontractor to discuss improvements and further actions. Sub-contract activity will be monitored and managed through our existing IQA process and procedures. The sharing of effective practice across the provision including standardisation and self-assessment. A monthly report will document all IQA activity

Publication of information relating to Sub-contractors
In compliance with the ESFA. GFT will publish its sub-contractor policy fees and changes on its website at the end of each contract year (July).

As stated in the Sub-contractor’s agreement.

Management Fee
The typical percentage retained to manage Sub-contractors is 20% of the agreed fee per learner. This figure represents the total cost that GFT includes in effectively managing all sub-contracted provision
The management fee deducted from all allocated funds is used directly to provide comprehensive programme of support and compliance measures to ensure public funds are protected and used effectively. The level of support will vary dependant on the needs of the sub-contractor. GFT will provide additional support to ensure the quality of teaching, learning and assessment (Quality Achievement Rates).